Stopping Socialism, Growing Our Economy

Empty supermarket shelves, labor shortages, and shutting down businesses. Rising prices of food, fuel, and everything in between. Americans know this is what happens when a far-left spending agenda is implemented.

This is why I voted against both the so-called “American Rescue Plan” and the so-called “Build Back Better” legislation. When the government provides incentives for not working, we see supply chain disruptions. Excessive government spending overheats demand. Too much money chasing too few goods results in massive inflation, which is a tax on every single American family, and it especially hurts lower-income Americans.

I opposed President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate, which would have mandated employers with more than 100 employees force their employees to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. I even introduced legislation PROHIBITING its implementation. (H.J. Res. 65)

Now more than ever, American needs energy independence. It’s time to reopen the Keystone Pipeline and end our dependence on foreign oil that helps fund dictators’ wars and oppression.

Far-left economic theory simply does not work. Socialism is not the answer. I support the Balanced Budget Amendment. We should manage the Federal government the same way we manage our households and our families: only spend what you have.