Keeping America Safe

The current administration has been a foreign policy disaster. As a Federal Prosecutor and FBI Special Agent, I was embedded with the U.S. Special Forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom as an Al Qaeda interrogator. Because of these experiences, I have been harshly critical of Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

We abandoned our friends in Afghanistan who served alongside our brave men and women in uniform. We broke our sacred promise to the Afghan people and to our allies across the world. Those of us who have spent our entire career in the intelligence community and have served in the region, know our withdrawal was a grave mistake.

Through my work on the Foreign Affairs Committee, I have advocated for standing up for American values and our allies abroad. I have supported tougher sanctions on Iran’s illegal ballistic missile program as well as standing up to Iranian aggression targeting Israel and all of our allies in the Middle East. I also have opposed the one-sided resolutions targeting our ally, Israel at the United Nations, as well as support efforts to achieve justice for American victims of Palestinian terrorism. I have supported tougher sanctions on North Korea to cut off the flow of money to this human rights violator and state sponsor of terrorism.

As Co-Chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, I have co-sponsored numerous measures standing up to Russian aggression in Europe against our allies including banning Russian oil (H.R.6968 – Suspending Energy Imports from Russia Act). We must support the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and democracy and stand up to Putin’s war of terror.