Brian Flitzpatrick for Congress



Independent Leadership

Focused on Solutions

No more finger pointing.  The Time Is Now to focus on solutions and getting things done.

That is the attitude I will bring to Congress, as it reflects the values of our community.

Our nation faces critical challenges.  The key to rising to the challenges before us is to focus on priorities that will keep our families safe and that will put the American Dream back on track.

Protecting Our Families:

  • Give federal, state and local law enforcement all of the tools necessary to keep us safe.
  • Allow Military Leaders, not politicians, to develop and implement our military strategy.
  • Base foreign policy on facts and logic, not political correctness.
  • Enact policies to cut off the lifeblood of terrorism – money – which enables extremists to self-finance and perpetuate their evil agendas.
  • Reverse the misguided and dangerous Iran nuclear deal.
  • Restore American leadership across the globe in a manner that advances our interests without putting our resources at risk.
  • Clearly define our enemies and execute strategies to defeat them, not appease them.
  • Secure the border through a physical barrier, aerial surveillance, enhanced human intelligence program, and the formation of a Federal agent / National Guard Task Force.

Opportunity for All:

  • Support policies that put American manufacturing at the forefront of our economy, as it creates family sustaining careers and true wealth for our nation.
  • Paying taxes should be easy, fair and straight-forward.  We must simplify and flatten the tax code while ensuring that everybody pays their fair share with the goal of propelling American economic growth on our Main Streets.
  • Put American workers first by reforming unfair trade deals which put the American worker at a disadvantage through no fault of their own.
  • Force the regulatory bureaucracies to require Congressional approval for any regulation costing the economy more than $100M, which holds back American workers from succeeding.
  • Eliminate the Death Tax, which unfairly penalizes small business and farmers from passing their vocation to future generations.
  • Guarantee interest-free student loans for Americans pursuing a career in the trades, a vocational-technical skill, or Science, Education, Math and Technology industries to position our nation as a leader in manufacturing and emerging careers of the future, which will create family-sustaining jobs.

10 Steps to Fix and Reform Washington:

  1. Support term limits for all Members of Congress.
  2. Abolish Congressional pensions.
  3. Pass “No Budget, No Pay” so that legislators who fail to pass a budget on time do not get paid.
  4. Each vote should be on a single issue.  End the cynical process of filling bills up with non-related items.
  5. Force the bureaucrats to defend every taxpayer dollar they spend by enacting “zero-based” budgeting.
  6. Support a Balanced-Budget Amendment to our Constitution to end the limitless borrowing which is crippling our future.
  7. End political “gerrymandering” once and for all by ensuring that Congressional districts are drawn by independent citizen commissions, not politicians.
  8. End the Federal government’s duplication of agencies and programs, a practice that costs our economy billions of dollars.
  9. Bolster and empower the Office of Inspectors General (OIGs) to aggressively investigate and prosecute all instances of Fraud, Waste and Abuse in federal agencies, which costs taxpayers billions annually.
  10. Allow veterans to see the physicians of their choice, as opposed to being hand strung to an inconvenient and impractical VA system.

Protecting Medicare & Social Security:

Like you, my parents worked a lifetime to earn their Medicare and Social Security. Some politicians seek to cut these programs. I will fight to protect and strengthen these programs for all of our seniors.

Standing Up for Women and Women’s Health:

  • Double women’s health funding at the National Institutes of Health from $4B to $8B annually, in order to enhance and expand services and accessibility at woman’s health clinics.
  • Support the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Support the Breast Density and Mammography Reporting Act to ensure women and healthcare providers are educated about the risks associated with breast density as studies have shown that women with dense tissue, nearly 40 percent of all women, are at least four times more likely to develop breast cancer.
  • Reform the FDA incident and compliance process so that patients are empowered to report faulty technology or treatments which are causing unintended harm.
  • Recognizing the emotional burdens of caregiving, champion legislation that eases the financial burden of caregiving through pre-tax savings accounts.
  • Equal pay for equal work

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A Health Care System That Works for Everyone:

With skyrocketing costs and nearly 35,000 uninsured locally, Obamacare is failing. Everyone should have affordable health insurance. As your Congressman, I will be on your side to make the system work for everybody.