Apprenticeship programs grow our economy by fostering training programs that will prepare students and workers for in-demand careers. We need to focus on enhancing America’s workforce and bring good-paying jobs to Bucks and Montgomery Counties. 

In Congress, I’m dedicated to growing our economy through workforce training and development. I have introduced the bipartisan Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act that creates a $5,000 tax credit based upon wages paid by companies that hire individuals enrolled in a federal or state-registered apprenticeship program and the bipartisan Student Apprenticeship Act that would close the gap between higher education and labor by modernizing workforce training and catalyzing the growth of registered apprenticeships nationwide.

Apprenticeships and workforce development programs also offer career opportunities for students and young people. My bipartisan Youth Workforce Readiness Act would provide funding for hands-on skills education at after-school programs for students starting in elementary school.  Supported by the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Youth Workforce Readiness Act will ensure that students can experience technical education options at after-school programs starting at age six. Also, a traditional college education may not be the best option for every student. That is why I strongly support the 529 OPTIONS Act, which would allow tax-free distributions from section 529 college savings plans for certain expenses associated with registered apprenticeship programs. We must give our young people and their families the ability to invest in the educational pathway that is best suited for their desired career goals.

Do you support legislation that will strengthen and enhance training opportunities for American workers through participation in registered apprenticeships?