Like most of you, my parents worked a lifetime to earn their Medicare and Social Security. Some politicians seek to cut these programs. I will fight to protect and strengthen these programs for all of our seniors.

Hardworking Americans have worked hard to secure the benefits they need to retire, paying into the system for decades and playing by the rules. Senior citizens who receive their Social Security payments should not have their income reduced by double taxation. That’s why I strongly support the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act to eliminate income taxes on Social Security benefits and boost the retirement income of millions of older Americans. In the same vein, I have cosponsored the Social Security Fairness Act to repeal the government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions, which hurts many retirees in public service professions. 

I will always stand to protect the benefits our seniors are owed. Make no mistake, it’s your money, and I am absolutely committed to protecting the benefits you earned. Our seniors also deserve a fairer, enhanced COLA (CPI-E) so that benefits are not diminished by rising costs in goods and services that disproportionately affect seniors. Furthermore, we must also protect the medical expense tax deduction to allow individuals to deduct high out-of-pocket medical costs from their taxable income.

Do you support legislation to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security for all of our Seniors?