Every man, woman, and child should have affordable health insurance but skyrocketing costs are forcing thousands in Pennsylvania to be uninsured. This is unacceptable. In Congress, I’m fighting for a health care system that works for everyone and lowers the cost of prescription drugs. 

In Congress, I’m fighting for a health care system that works for everyone, increases access and competition, and lowers the cost of prescription drugs. I voted for legislation to establish a fair price negotiation program, protect the Medicare program from excessive price increase and establish an out-of-pocket maximum for Medicare part D enrollees. And I will continue to protect Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

We need to proceed in fixing our healthcare system in a responsible, deliberate manner. That means any changes to our current system must ensure both the continuity of coverage and the continuity of patient protection provisions for those with preexisting conditions. Our system needs reform, and that is why I have supported tort reform to drive down the cost of health care, the repeal the bureaucratic Independent Payment Advisory Boards established by Obamacare, which threatened seniors and their hard-earned Medicare benefits, and the repeal of the medical device tax. We also need to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and I have introduced the bipartisan Increasing Access to Biosimilars Act to help reduce the cost of prescription drugs by encouraging competition and increasing access to biosimilars.

In terms of quicker access to cures, I authored Right to Try legislation, which gives those suffering from a terminal disease the chance to try potentially life-saving treatments and have voted for record NIH Funding for greater research into potential cures for life-threatening diseases. I also am fighting for cures for kids with cancer. My bipartisan Fairness to Kids with Cancer Act would boost the share of federal funds for cancer research that is allocated to pediatric cancer research to equal the percentage of the U.S. population that is under the age of 18.

Do you support legislation that would bypass strict FDA regulations and give terminally-ill patients access to experimental treatments where no alternative exists?