I believe that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules should be able to achieve their own American dream. My economic priorities are straightforward: support measures that put American workers and businesses back at the forefront of our economy to create family-sustaining careers and true wealth for our nation. 

In Congress, I am fighting to provide an opportunity to all Americans. I have supported a simpler, fairer tax code. Across our communities, small businesses are already hiring more while their workers receive bonuses and higher take-home pay. We must do whatever we can to promote Made in America initiatives. American manufacturing means American jobs. People in my community understand that when they buy American they’re not only buying quality products, they’re helping American businesses – and American workers – in their neighborhoods and across the country. Moreover, a continuous review and the repeal of outdated federal regulations will ease the burden on local small businesses and their employees.

I have also worked in a bipartisan fashion to stand up for the American worker and American industry. By reforming unfair trade deals that put the American worker at a disadvantage, we put American workers first. By voting for the USMCA, we vastly improved the original NAFTA with enforceable labor standards while promoting American trade and exports. I will also defend American businesses from the predatory economic practices of foreign competitors and adversaries. That is why I strongly supported the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, which is pivotal to the creation and sustainability of U.S. jobs in manufacturing and promoting American exports.

This year, I voted for the CARES ActPaycheck Protection Program, and Health Care Enhancement Act, and PPP Flexibility Act to provide relief for businesses and workers across the country from the COVID-19 pandemic, and introduced the bipartisan Never Again Small Business Protection Act, to provide small businesses access to business interruption insurance that will help keep them afloat during national emergencies. 

Do you support reforming unfair trade deals that put the American worker at a disadvantage through no fault of their own?