Independent Leadership

No more finger pointing. Now more than ever, we need real leadership that focuses on finding solutions and getting things done.

That is the attitude I have brought to Congress, as it reflects the values of our community.

Our nation faces critical challenges. The key to rising to the challenges before us is to focus on priorities like keeping our families safe and putting the American Dream back on track.

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Securing Our Elections

Defending Law & Order and Keeping Our Families Safe

Stopping Socialism, Growing Our Economy

Securing Our Border, Reforming Our Broken Immigration System

Keeping America Safe

Holding China Accountable

Supporting our Veterans and Law Enforcement

Government Reform

Opportunity for All

Opioid Addiction and Mental Health

Protecting Medicare & Social Security

Workforce Training and Development

Empowering Women

Protecting our Environment and Clean Water

Protecting our Animals

Equality and Diversity

Promoting Education and Affordability

A Health Care System That Works for Everyone