Brian Flitzpatrick for Congress



Proven Leadership for Our Communities

Focused on Solutions

No more finger pointing. Now more than ever, we need real leadership that focuses on finding solutions and getting things done.

That is the attitude I have brought to Congress, as it reflects the values of our community.

Our nation faces critical challenges.  The key to rising to the challenges before us is to focus on priorities like keeping our families safe and putting the American Dream back on track.

Protecting Our Families:

  • Author of the INTERDICT Act signed into law by the President, providing greater resources to law enforcement to stop the flow of deadly fentanyl from Mexico into communities such as our own.
  • Supports giving federal, state and local law enforcement all of the tools necessary to keep us safe.
  • Securing the border through a physical barrier, aerial surveillance, enhanced human intelligence program, and the formation of a Federal agent / National Guard Task Force. Supported tougher penalties for repeat illegal immigration offenders and illegal immigrants who are members of a criminal gang.
  • Vice Chair of the Bipartisan Heroin Task Force: Brian Fitzpatrick is a nationally-recognized, award-winning leader in uniting families, communities, law enforcement, and healthcare providers to fight back against the scourge of addiction.
  • Protecting those who protect us by supporting tougher penalties for those who target our first responders and proposing expanded benefits for the children of our heroic fallen law enforcement officers.
  • Supported tougher sanctions on North Korea to cut off the flow of money to this state sponsor of terrorism and human rights violator.
  • Supported tougher sanctions on Iran’s illegal ballistic missile program as well as standing up to Iranian aggression targeting Israel and all of our allies in the Middle East.
  • Led the charge to defend against next generation cyber threats which may wreak havoc on our security and economy.
  • A leading advocate for securing critical transportation infrastructure from acts of terrorism.
  • Opposed one-sided resolutions targeting our ally Israel at the United Nations as well as supported efforts to achieve justice for American victims of Palestinian terrorism.

Opportunity for All:

  • Supported a simpler, fairer tax code. Across our communities, small businesses are already hiring more while their workers receive bonuses and higher take-home pay.
  • Supports policies that put American manufacturing at the forefront of our economy, as it creates family sustaining careers and true wealth for our nation.
  • Puts American workers first by reforming unfair trade deals that put the American worker at a disadvantage through no fault of their own.
  • Supported a continuous review and the repeal of outdated federal regulations holding back local small businesses and their employees.
  • A leader in the fight for vocational education & apprenticeships to prepare workers right here at home for the careers of the future.
  • A leader of bipartisan initiatives to reduce the cost of college as well as college debt through increased transparency and interest-free loans.

On his first day in office, Brian Fitzpatrick proposed a comprehensive government reform plan challenging the career politicians in Washington

  • Supports term limits for all Members of Congress.
  • Not only proposed “No Budget, No Pay” legislation so legislators who fail to pass a budget on time do not get paid, but lived up to the standard, returning his pay for the period of a government shutdown.
  • Supports abolishing Congressional pensions.
  • Supports establishing single issue voting to end the cynical process of filling bills up with non-related items.
  • In favor of forcing the bureaucrats to defend every taxpayer dollar they spend by enacting “zero-based” budgeting.
  • Supports a Balanced-Budget Amendment to our Constitution to end the limitless borrowing which is crippling our future.
  • In favor of ending the Federal government’s duplication of agencies and programs, a practice that costs our economy billions of dollars.
  • Supports bolstering and empowering the Office of Inspectors General (OIGs) to aggressively investigate and prosecute all instances of Fraud, Waste and Abuse in federal agencies, which costs taxpayers billions annually.
  • Defends our veterans right to see the physicians of their choice, as opposed to being hand strung to an inconvenient and impractical VA system.

Protecting Medicare & Social Security:

“Like you, my parents worked a lifetime to earn their Medicare and Social Security. Some politicians seek to cut these programs. I will fight to protect and strengthen these programs for all of our seniors.”

A Health Care System That Works for Everyone:

With skyrocketing costs and thousands uninsured locally, Obamacare is failing. Every man, woman, and child should have affordable health insurance.

  • Author of RIGHT TO TRY legislation like that supported by the President in the State of the Union, that would give those suffering from a terminal disease the chance to try potentially lifesaving treatments.
  • Stood Up for Women and Women’s Health, calling for doubling women’s health funding at the National Institutes of Health in order to expand services and accessibility at women’s health clinics.
  • Supported greater research into potential cures for life-threatening diseases as well as raising awareness of risk factors for breast cancer.
  • Supported tort reforms to drive down the cost of healthcare.
  • Voted to Repeal the bureaucratic Independent Payment Advisory Boards established by Obamacare
  • Sponsored legislation to maintain the safety of medical devices
  • Spoke out to defend Medicare Advantage benefits for seniors.