As an Eagle Scout and conservationist, who grew up in Bucks County I have always been captivated by the natural beauty of our open spaces and wild places. We have it all here: preserved farm land, amazing parks, expansive forests, historic rivers. With these features comes a special responsibility to care for and protect our natural resources at the local, state, and federal level. I believe our natural environment is worth protecting. That is why I opposed the proposed the Elcon facility in Falls Township, opposed the development of the Rockhill Quarry in East Rockhill Township, and have called for a ban on fracking in the Delaware River Basin.

Climate change and the irresponsible management of our resources put a strain on the health of our communities—and our children. Clean air and clean water are essential to the health, safety, and development of the next generation of Americans. That is why I have been fighting hard for these priorities during my time in Congress. Whether fighting for my constituents’ right to clean drinking water as the Co-Chair of the Bipartisan PFAS Taskforce or speaking out on the necessity to protect our public lands and fully fund LWCF permanently through the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act, I have been a staunch defender of our environment.

From Day 1, I have been focused on clean water given the PFOS/PFOA contamination issues in our district. Every person in our community has the right to safe, clean drinking water, and I will continue fighting.  I am a strong supporter of the PFAS Action Act and establishing strong standards for regulating PFAS, holding polluters accountable, and ensuring that all Americans have access to safe drinking water.

Congress can and must do more to combat climate change and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. We don’t need to choose between clean energy and economic growth, or between combating climate change and creating jobs. We can and should do both. That is why I authored the MARKET CHOICE Act. This legislation seeks to combat climate change through the elimination of the gas tax, and the implementation of a fee on carbon emissions, the revenue from which would provide funding for infrastructure development and enhancement.

Do you support legislation that would direct funds to the Land and Water Conservation Fund from already-existing revenue generated by offshore oil and gas royalty payments?