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National Wildlife Federation Action Fund

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Pennsylvania AFL-CIO


League of Conservation Voters

Bucks County FOP Lodge PA-53

Pennsylvania State Education Association PAC

Everytown for Gun Safety

Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighter Association

A Message From Brian:

As a former FBI Special Agent and Federal Prosecutor spending my entire career arresting corrupt politicians, I’ve now made it my mission to take on a broken and dysfunctional Washington.  On my very first day in office, I introduced a bold and sweeping government reform package to challenge the career politicians, impose term limits, and abolish congressional pensions for members of Congress. In order to truly fix the system, we must build bridges, restore people’s faith in the system, and bring America together.

In furtherance of this goal, I am the Vice-Chair of the Bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, a group of 25 Democrats and 25 Republicans who have forged together to build consensus and find common ground to solve our nation’s challenges. I am ranked the #1 most independent Congressman in the entire nation, and that is exactly what our community deserves. Our community is not far-left or far-right, we are centrist and pragmatic. 

I’m asking you to join us in leading our People’s Movement of bipartisanship and center-forward problem solving, and fighting against the bigotry of hyper-partisanship and extremist ideological purity that is destroying our nation. Our People’s Movement is about building bridges at a time when too many are trying to burn them. Our People’s Movement is about listening more than lecturing, viewing diversity of thought as a strength to be harnessed, not a weakness to be criticized.  Our People’s Movement is about building consensus in the center and moving forward to save our nation. Our community needs you. Our nation needs you. I’m asking you to join me. Because we need to be one community, now more than ever.

-Brian Fitzpatrick

One Community Now More Than Ever

Focused on Solutions

Protecting our Families

Opportunity for All

Government Reform

Protecting our Seniors

A Health Care System That Works for Everyone

Immigration System That Works for Everyone

Opioid Addiction and Mental Health

Workforce Training and Development

Empowering Women

Protecting our Environment and Clean Water

Protecting our Animals

Equality and Diversity

Promoting Education and Affordability

Supporting our Veterans and Law Enforcement

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