Press Release: Fitzpatrick Applauds Positivity Agreement

Fitzpatrick Applauds Positivity Agreement
Opponent Follows Fitzpatrick’s Lead After Mounting Public Pressure
DOYLESTOWN, PA: Brian Fitzpatrick, candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, issued the following statement regarding a Positivity Pledge and debates:
“I am glad my opponent followed our lead and finally joined our call to run a positive campaign free from personal attacks and negativity, after two months of mounting public pressure.
With that behind us, our community now has a unique opportunity to be a model for how campaigns for Congress should be run.  I hope that my opponent does not break this promise to the voters.
The issues that 8th District residents are talking to me about are protecting our national security, getting our economy working for everybody, and combating fraud, waste, abuse and corruption in government.
I will debate my opponent every day from now until Election Day if he so chooses, where we can discuss our experience, our respective records of accomplishment, and our vision for the future with the voters.
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