SIGN: No New Jersey Tax Hikes on Bucks Co. Families!

Late last month, Governor Chris Christie instructed New Jersey officials to explore the possibility of removing the state from a joint tax agreement with Pennsylvania in hopes of addressing budget shortfalls. This executive order will cost Bucks Co. residents who work in the Garden State thousands in higher taxes – in some cases nearly triple!

This is ridiculous! Hardworking Bucks Co. families shouldn’t be subject to tax hikes because New Jersey politicians can’t agree on a bipartisan budget.

This isn’t a partisan issue – it’s one that we need to push back against, together. If you agree that New Jersey’s budget shouldn’t be balanced on the back of Pennsylvanians, sign your name to my letter to Gov. Christie saying ‘NO’ to playing politics with Pennsylvania paychecks!

Governor Christie,

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about your continued consideration of withdrawing your state from a reciprocal tax agreement with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which allows for residents of both states who work across state lines to pay personal income tax to their state of residence, not of employment.

Revision or removal of this 38-year old agreement would negatively impact the people of Pennsylvania who work in New Jersey – especially those residing in Bucks Co. – and could have serious implications for the regional business environment.

We are opposed to what amounts to an effective tax hike on our families through no deliberation or representation of our elected leaders in Pennsylvania.

As Republicans, Democrats and Independents we call on you to remove this harmful threat from the table and refrain from balancing New Jersey’s budget on the backs of hard working Pennsylvanians.


Brian Fitzpatrick – Middletown Twp.

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