RELEASE: “Half measures will not eliminate this danger”

DOYLESTOWN, PABrian Fitzpatrick, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, released the following statement Wednesday regarding recent ISIS attacks in Afghanistan and France and the continued threat of global terrorism:

“Another week of ISIS attacks in both Afghanistan and France reminds us that the threat of ISIS and radical organizations continues to expand. While our hearts go out of the victims of these attacks, we must also continue our focus on eliminating those who would carry out these heinous attacks. Likewise, all nations must be willing to reform anti-terror policies that have failed – including those in France that allowed a convicted terrorist to carry out his gruesome attack.

 While some seem content to accept these attacks as the ‘new normal,’ I refuse to cede our future – and that of innocent people in any nation – to the deranged ideology of radical extremism and its thirst for blood. I agree with Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), former chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, who bluntly stated the fact that ‘[i]t should be clear by now that half measures will not eliminate this danger [posed by ISIS].’

 Congress, the White House and military leadership must be willing to work together to establish a coherent counter-terrorism strategy to defeat, not appease, ISIS and groups like them. Only with American leadership and an engaged international community can peace and freedom replace the specter of fear and danger around the world.”


For nearly a decade and a half, Fitzpatrick served as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation where his focus was fighting political corruption and supporting global counter terrorism efforts. He served as the National Director for the FBI’s Campaign Finance and Election Crimes Enforcement Program, as well as a national supervisor for the FBI’s Political Corruption Unit. For his work, Fitzpatrick was an inaugural recipient of the FBI Director’s Leadership Award. Additionally, Fitzpatrick served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney, prosecuting violent drug and gun offenders to stem the tide of abuse and violence.


Brian Fitzpatrick is a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s Eight Congressional District. He is a Levittown native and lives in Middletown Twp. Learn more at