RELEASE: Fitzpatrick Statement on AG Kane’s Guilty Verdict

DOYLESTOWN, PA – Brian Fitzpatrick, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, released the following statement Monday evening regarding Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane being found guilty on nine counts of perjury and obstruction:

Tonight’s conviction of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is unbelievably disappointing, but, unfortunately, not surprising. While far too many Pennsylvanians have come to expect this type of politicking, corruption and abuse of power by too many in Harrisburg, this brazen abuse of power must not represent the ‘new normal.’  

Having spent virtually my entire career arresting corrupt politicians as an FBI Special Agent, and having served as a National Supervisor in the FBI’s Political Corruption Unit, I can tell you firsthand how instances like this by career politicians erode citizens’ trust in their government at its core. These continuous violations of the public trust must end. Too many in Harrisburg and Washington see themselves as above the rules and free from the scrutiny of those they represent as elected officials. 

If we really want to reform the system, we must change those we send to represent us. This change can only come from those outside of the system – it cannot, and will not, come from career partisan politicians like Steve Santarsiero who represent a perpetuation of the broken status quo that results in endless corruption and erosion of trust in government.”


 For nearly a decade and a half, Brian Fitzpatrick served as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation where his focus was fighting political corruption and supporting global counter-terrorism efforts. He served as the National Director for the FBI’s Campaign Finance and Election Crimes Enforcement Program, as well as a national supervisor for the FBI’s Political Corruption Unit. For his work, Fitzpatrick was an inaugural recipient of the FBI Director’s Leadership Award.   Additionally, Fitzpatrick prosecuted violent drug and gun offenders to stem the tide of abuse and violence.