RELEASE: Santarsiero Skips Vote on Sanctuary Cities

Unbelievable. Just hours after Brian Fitzpatrick called out Steve Santarsiero for skipping 68% of his votes in September, Santarsiero was nowhere to be found as the Pennsylvania House of Representativespassed legislation regarding “Sanctuary Cities” like Philadelphia.
“It’s bad enough that Steve Santarsiero missed nearly 70% of his votes last month – but to miss tonight’s vote on protecting our communities and supporting our law enforcement is nothing short of shameful,” said Brian Fitzpatrick. “Sanctuary Cities refuse to notify federal authorities when a non-citizen living in the U.S. illegally is going to be released from police custody, even if that person is convicted of a violent felony, is an active gang member or suspected of being a terrorist. Not reporting criminals or potential terrorists to federal authorities is a recipe for disaster, particularly when it is potentially happening just a few miles away from our homes. Steve Santarsiero had a chance to address this issue and serve as the voice and vote of those he is paid to represent, unfortunately he chose not to.”
Voters deserve to know where Steve Santarsiero stands on Sanctuary Cities and why he skipped tonight’s vote.

Fitzpatrick Calls on Santarsiero to Return Salary for Missed Votes
After missing nearly 70% of roll call votes in September, will Santarsiero keep skipping work?
DOYLESTOWN, PA – Brian Fitzpatrick, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and former federal prosecutor, released the following statement Monday calling on PA Representative Steve Santarsiero to return his taxpayer-funded salary for skipped votes during the State House’s September legislative session. Last month, Santarsiero failed to cast a vote for nearly 70% of roll call votes despite serving as the representative of his constituents in Harrisburg (details below).  
“It’s bad enough Steve Santarsiero hasn’t passed a single bill into law in his more than seven years in Harrisburg, but now he’s not even showing up for work… yet he’s still collecting a taxpayer-funded paycheck. Since he missed 68% of his votes in September, I’m calling on Steve Santarsiero to return 68% of his salary for the same period. It’s only fair.
Steve Santarsiero shouldn’t be skipping the job he’s elected to do right now, to campaign for the job he wants next; that’s the exact career politician mindset that people are sick and tired of. If my opponent isn’t willing to work for the people he represents now, why should they believe he’ll work for them in Washington?”  
9/19 – Made all 10 votes of 10 votes 
9/20 – Made 0 of 6 votes 
9/21 – Made 9 of 10 votes 
9/26 – Made 1 of 10 votes 
9/27 – Made 0 of 4 votes 
9/28 – Made 0 of 19 votes
** Of note – This was also the date of Gov. Wolf’s Joint Legislative Session on opioid addiction in PA. Rep. Santarsiero also missed that.
TOTAL: Rep. Santarsiero has missed 40/59 (68%) of PA House roll call votes in September.
After being born and raised in Levittown, Brian Fitzpatrick spent nearly a decade and a half serving as a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Supervisory Special Agent where his focus was fighting political corruption and supporting global counter terrorism efforts – including as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He served as the National Director for the FBI’s Campaign Finance and Election Crimes Enforcement Program, as well as a national supervisor for the FBI’s Political Corruption Unit. For his work, Fitzpatrick was an inaugural recipient of the FBI Director’s Leadership Award. Additionally, as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, Fitzpatrick, prosecuted violent drug and gun offenders to stem the tide of abuse and violence. Brian Fitzpatrick is a Certified Public Accountant, certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and an Eagle Scout.
Brian Fitzpatrick is a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s Eight Congressional District. He is a Levittown native and lives in Middletown Twp. Learn more at (FBI)