(WATCH) Your Priorities are My Priorities

Growing up in Levittown, I always looked up to my mom and five older sisters. They were, and remain, some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. With careers in nursing, healthcare, as small business owners, and dance school founders they are in a word, “remarkable.” Growing up with older sisters has certainly shaped me as an individual and my campaign for Congress.

Throughout the last several months on the campaign trail, I’ve had the privilege of meeting thousands of moms, daughters, and sisters and have been inspired by their stories of accomplishment, courage and faith. Our communities remain special places to live work and raise families because of their hard work and commitment.

With women making up a majority of voters, it’s not surprising that the issues important to women are the issues important to most: From securing opportunities for their children to succeed in the economy of tomorrow, to ensuring Americans are safe from threats at home and abroad. As a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Prosecutor and CPA these have been my priorities throughout this campaign and I’ve relished the opportunity to highlight my plans on investing in education, combating our opioid epidemic, creating real economic growth and using my professional background to ensure Washington is focused on keeping us safe, not partisan bickering.

However, there are many additional issues which your next representative must be prepared to address. In Congress, my priorities will include:

A Commitment to Our Community’s Health

  • Double the amount of research funding spent on women’s health through the National Institutes of Health from $4 billion to $8 billion annually.
  • Reform the FDA incident and compliant process so that patients are empowered to report faulty technology or treatments which have caused unintended harm — from Essure to power morcellators.
  • Address the rising cost of health care on employers and families by reforming our broken health care insurance system to increase competition, end the practice of defensive medicine and rein in corporate insurers.
  • Increase funding for drug education and addiction recovery services, while stiffening sentences for drug dealers, to combat the opioid epidemic.

Supporting a 21st Century Workforce

  • Ensure equal pay for equal work.
  • Strengthen our commitment women-owned small businesses by ensuring they have the same access and tax breaks as businesses owned by other protected groups.
  • Invest in our education system to prepare our kids for the careers of the future and addressing the burdensome cost of student loan debt.

Fighting for Stronger Families

  • Recognize the emotional and financial burdens of caring for children and elderly parents, and champion legislation that eases the financial burden of care-giving through pre-tax savings accounts.
  • Ensure new mothers and fathers have access to flexible parental leave options to help support strong families.

Providing a Voice for the Voiceless

  • Support the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Work with law enforcement, educators, advocates and students to address concerns regarding sexual assault on our nation’s college campuses.
  • Utilize my federal law enforcement background to end the heinous practice of human trafficking locally and internationally.
  • Stand up against nations and terror groups that oppress women and suppress equality

In Congress I will serve as a representative for all and fight for the issues most important to the success of our communities and residents — man or woman. Together we can bring real change to Washington and in doing so ensure security and opportunity for all!