RELEASE: Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick Announces 2018 Campaign Launch with New Video, “One Community. Now More Than Ever.”

LEVITTOWN, Pa. (March 9, 2018) – Today, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick announced his 2018 campaign for Congress with a new web video, titled “One Community. Now More Than Ever.” The video features Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick outlining his plan to continue taking on Washington and delivering results that matter to our communities here in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

You can watch “One Community. Now More Than Ever.” here: ( A transcript of the video is included below.

Community Leaders Supporting Brian Fitzpatrick:

Former PA Governor Mark Schweiker

“Brian Fitzpatrick knows how to keep our families safe and make our economy work for everybody. Like myself, Brian answered the call to serve after 9-11. As a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI, Brian was on the front lines addressing threats both at home and abroad. Brian also has first-hand experience holding accountable those that abuse the system for their own personal gain. He will make certain that our institutions work once again for us, not against us. Brian understands the importance of hard work, perseverance and family. He wants to make sure anybody who works hard and plays by the rules gets a fair shot at the American Dream. I am proud to endorse Brian Fitzpatrick for Congress.”

Former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick

“I know what it takes to deliver for Bucks and Montgomery Counties in an often divided, broken Washington. That’s why I could not be prouder of my brother Brian’s success in delivering on his promises, whether it be tax reform benefitting small businesses from Bristol to Quakertown, or standing up for our police and first responders across Bucks & Montgomery Counties. I hope my friends will join me in supporting our committed, consistent voice.”

Former PA Lt. Governor James Cawley

“From challenging the status quo in Washington with a bold reform plan on his first day in office, to passing critical legislation to secure our borders and fight back against the opioid epidemic: Brian Fitzpatrick has a proven record of taking on Washington and making a difference for the people of Bucks & Montgomery Counties. I’m proud to support Brian because now more than ever, we need leaders with his proven record of taking on Washington and delivering results for our communities.”

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub

“Brian Fitzpatrick is a proven protector of Bucks County families and a strong supporter of Bucks County law enforcement. He’s spent a lifetime fighting to hold corrupt politicians accountable. By supporting tougher sentences for those who target our first responders and pushing for greater benefits for the children of our fallen heroes, he’s a consistent advocate for those sworn to protect us and their families. That’s the type of common-sense leadership Bucks County can count on.”

Bucks County Commissioner Rob Loughery

“Brian is busy taking on Washington and making a real difference for our community. When it comes to the Opioid Epidemic ravaging our community, Brian has made our fight, his fight: securing more resources for law enforcement and supporting those in recovery. Time and time again, Brian Fitzpatrick delivers for our community.”

Chairman, Southeastern PA Transportation Authority Pasquale Deon

“Infrastructure investment is critical to our region’s continued economic success. Brian Fitzpatrick’s support of more than $600 million in local infrastructure projects, ensures our roads, bridges and mass transit systems provide an environment for business to grow, create jobs and improve our quality of life. I am proud to endorse Brian Fitzpatrick for Congress and look forward to his continued leadership in Washington.”

The Campaign Announced Its Initial Round of Endorsements from the Following State and County Officials:

Former Governor Mark Schweiker

Former Lt. Governor Jim Cawley

Former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick

State Senator Tommy Tomlinson

State Senator Chuck McIlhinney

State Senator Bob Mensch

State Senator Stewart Greenleaf

State Representative Gene DiGirolamo  

State Representative Kathy Watson

State Representative Marguerite Quinn

State Representative Frank Farry

State Representative Craig Staats

State Representative Bernie O’Neill  

State Representative Bob Godshall

State Representative Marcy Toepel

Bucks County Commissioner Rob Loughery

Bucks County Commissioner Charley Martin

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub

Bucks County Clerk of Courts Mary Smithson

Bucks County Treasurer Tom Panzer

Bucks County Register of Wills Don Petrille

Bucks County Coroner Joe Campbell

Transcript of “One Community. Now More Than Ever.”:

Brian Fitzpatrick: I grew up as the youngest of eight kids in Levittown.

When you grow up the youngest of eight kids in Levittown,

last in line for food and clothing,

you develop a very strong ethic and you also learn to appreciate things.

If you worked hard and played by the rules you got ahead.

Those were the lessons we learned.

And people don’t feel that way anymore.

I ran for Congress because I want to make a difference,

fight for people and give them a voice.

We all know Washington is rigged and that’s why I’m taking them on.

We need term limits,

We need to abolish congressional pensions,

We need to ban former members of Congress from lobbying,

and no budget, no pay.

It’s all common sense to us back here,

but not down there.

I support economic policies that will put more money in families’ pockets and workers’ paychecks.

I support making homeland and national security a top priority.

Focusing on our veterans,

our service men and women in the military,

And our first responders,

making sure they have the support and resources they need.  

We’re going after the cyber stalkers,

and fighting the opioid epidemic.

I’m not afraid to take on Washington to make a difference for our families back here…

because everyone needs a voice.   


Born and raised in Levittown, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016 to serve Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional district. A member of the Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security and Small Business committees, Brian’s top priorities in Congress are fighting back against the opioid epidemic, promoting economic growth and job creation, and strengthening our national security. A CPA, former federal prosecutor, and licensed EMT, Brian Fitzpatrick began his public service as an FBI Special Agent where his focus was fighting political corruption and supporting global counter-terrorism efforts. Brian believes that every American deserves a fair shot at success and continues to make certain that our institutions serve our community.

# # #

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick represents Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District and is seeking re-election. For more information, please visit