WATCH: Fitzpatrick campaign launches new ad, “Proud”

“Brian understands the people of Bucks County. He understands what’s important to them. He knows these things because he’s from here.”

LEVITTOWN, Pa. (April 7, 2018) – The Fitzpatrick campaign launched a new ad today, titled “Proud.” The video features former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick praising Brian Fitzpatrick’s successful record of taking on Washington and delivering results for the people of Bucks & Montgomery Counties.

You can watch “Proud” here. A transcript of the video is included below.

Transcript of “Proud”:

Mike Fitzpatrick: Brian grew up in Levittown, lived in Bucks County his whole life.

He’s a local boy, played ball on the local ballfield, attended all local schools. But he always he knew wanted to serve our nation.

He was sent by our country overseas. One of the things that Brian was responsible for was interrogating al-Qaeda terrorists.

When Brian was in federal law enforcement, he put corrupt politicians behind bars. His whole life has been about protecting our nation and serving our communities.

He’s not afraid to take on Washington. He knows that Washington is rigged. He wants term limits and he wants “No Budget, No Pay.”

Brian is supporting economic policies that put more money in peoples’ pockets and workers paychecks.

Brian understands the people of Bucks County. He understands what’s important to them. He knows these things because he’s from here. I’m proud to call him my brother. We need Brian in Congress now more than ever.”


Born and raised in Levittown, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016 to serve Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional district. A member of the Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security and Small Business committees, Brian’s top priorities in Congress are fighting back against the opioid epidemic, promoting economic growth and job creation, and strengthening our national security. A CPA, former federal prosecutor, and licensed EMT, Brian Fitzpatrick began his public service as an FBI Special Agent where his focus was fighting political corruption and supporting global counter-terrorism efforts. Brian believes that every American deserves a fair shot at success and continues to make certain that our institutions serve our community.

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Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick represents Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District and is seeking re-election. For more information, please visit