RELEASE: Fitzpatrick endorses fellow Problem Solvers Caucus member Congressman Dan Lipinski (D- IL 3rd District)

LEVITTOWN, PA— Citing his bi-partisan and independent approach, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick announced today his endorsement of fellow Problem Solver Caucus member Congressman Dan Lipinski (D- IL 3rd District) for re-election and condemns his bigoted opponent’s racist anti-Semitic views:

“Congressman Lipinski has done a great job representing the people of Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District in an independent and bi-partisan fashion. Working alongside him in our Problem Solver’s Caucus, he has been a strong voice in solving our greatest problems and getting things done in a Congress that is too often distracted by party labels and politics instead of what is best for our constituents. I whole-heartedly endorse his re-election bid. By contrast; I fully condemn his bigoted, racist anti-Semitic opponent who is not suitable to serve in our government.”—Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick


Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick represents Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District and is seeking re-election. For more information, please visit