Brian Fitzpatrick Directly Challenges Scott Wallace on Money in Politics: “Put your money where your mouth is; agree to cap campaign spending and donate money to local charities.”

DOYLESTOWN, Pa.–August 16, 2018– Today, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick directly challenged Scott Wallace on his complete hypocrisy regarding campaign spending and money in politics. Wallace complains about the role of money in politics, while simultaneously spending millions of dollars of his inherited corporate money in his own race.

“Scott Wallace needs to put his money where his mouth is,” said Congressman Fitzpatrick.

“We have the opportunity to do something special for the community and something great for the political process: cap campaign spending and donate the funds to local charity.”

Fitzpatrick continued, “Scott Wallace has a choice to make, he either believes that money in politics is a problem or he believes that it is not. It is utterly ridiculous and downright insulting to our community for him to spend millions of his inherited corporate dollars on his own campaign while simultaneously condemning money in politics. Here is his chance to show our community where he really stands on money in politics.”