PRESS RELEASE: Brian Fitzpatrick Directly Calls Out Multi-Millionaire Scott Wallace on His Failure To Release His Tax Returns: “Scott Wallace, What Are You Hiding?”

DOYLESTOWN, Pa.–August 18, 2018–Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick directly called out Multi-Millionaire Scott Wallace on his repeated refusal to release his tax returns, and his refusal to even respond to media requests on his refusal to release his tax returns. This is despite Governor Tom Wolf as well as newspaper editorial boards across Pennsylvania, including here in Bucks County, calling for the release of the candidates’ tax returns.

 Recent reporting provides hints as to Scott Wallace’s tax problems, and these merely scratch the surface. The National Journal reports that “even more damaging, he (Wallace) openly writes about supporting tax hikes — calling himself a “patriotic millionaire” for doing so — but hasn’t always paid his own taxes on time. While in South Africa, he was slapped with a $68,844 lien by Montgomery County for not paying taxes on his Maryland residence.”

Moreover, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports “Wallace had a homestead tax credit on his house in Maryland since 2009 — until we asked him about it last week.”

“Scott Wallace has made clear that his opposition to tax reform will be the centerpiece of his campaign. Well, Scott, lets have a full, open and completely transparent discussion on that topic,” stated Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick. “And that fully transparent discussion will start with the fully transparent act of both you and I jointly releasing our tax returns together, presented to the media on the same day, for all of the good people in our community to see. If you continue to refuse to do so, you are a complete hypocrite with zero credibility on the very topic that you yourself want to make the central theme in your campaign.”

Fitzpatrick continued “Scott Wallace, our entire community is watching, waiting, and demanding nothing less than full and complete transparency. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Governor Tom Wolf and newspaper editorial boards across the state of Pennsylvania think it’s a good idea. What say you, Scott Wallace? We have been waiting over a month for your response, any response. So far, complete silence from you. Unacceptable.”