PRESS RELEASE: The United Mine Workers of America endorse Brian Fitzpatrick for Congress in PA 01

DOYLESTOWN, Pa.– The United Mine Workers of America–representing coal miners, manufacturing workers, clean coal technicians, health care workers, corrections officers and public employees throughout the United States– have endorsed Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick for reelection in Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District.

“I appreciate the recognition of the United Mine Workers of America for my work in favor of the interests of the working families of Bucks and Montgomery Counties. I am committed to continue representing their interests including safe work conditions, good wages and secure, stable pensions,” said Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.

 The United Mine Workers of America, established in 1890, represents working families in their member industries across the U.S.

“On behalf of the UMWA International President Cecil E. Roberts and Secretary-Treasurer Levi Allen, be assured that the United Mine Workers of America will work diligently toward your being successfully re-elected and look forward to a positive partnership with you. Working together, we can make life better for working families,” said Edward D. Yankovich, Jr. UMWA International District 2 Vice President