Brian Fitzpatrick Campaign Releases Second Quarter Fundraising

DOYLESTOWN, PA – The Fitzpatrick campaign raised over $455K in Q2, posting over $1.8M cash on hand and bringing their total fundraising haul to over $2.8 million. 

“Being ranked the #1 most bipartisan congressman in the entire nation with the highest score ever recorded in U.S. history, it isn’t surprising that both Congressman Fitzpatrick’s bipartisan fundraising numbers and his bipartisan endorsements dwarf the Finello campaign, who boasts virtually no endorsements and who is ‘celebrating’ a total cash on hand of a dismal roughly $300K in the expensive Philadelphia media market,” said Fitzpatrick spokeswoman Kate Constantini. “It’s one of many reasons why her campaign is peddling fake push-poll numbers in an attempt to become relevant.  What’s worse, she wasted no time breaking her word and telling a colossal lie to our community that she would not accept corporate PAC money, because she has done just that. She has already lost all credibility.”