Finello Opposes Fitzpatrick’s Bipartisan Police Protection Legislation

Today, Kate Constantini, spokeswoman for Team Fitzpatrick, issued the following statement:

Last night, in a late-night Twitter rant, Christina Finello further twisted herself into a knot on the issue of defunding the police. Are you ready for it?

She now claims she’s had a change of heart and is now opposed to defunding the police, BUT she is STILL OPPOSED to bipartisan legislation that would prevent defunding the police.


Well, you’re not alone.

This legislation is bipartisan, being led by three Democrats and three Republicans. The Democrat co-lead, Congressman Anthony Brindisi (D-NY), stated “This commonsense, bipartisan legislation, will make sure that our police departments are well-funded so they can reform and improve upon their core mission: protecting and serving our communities.”

This legislation is strongly supported by the Bucks County Fraternal Order of Police, the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, Maureen Faulkner, and countless other women and men serving us in law enforcement across our community.

So why is Christina Finello opposing bipartisan legislation preventing defunding of the police? Well, because she in fact supports defunding the police. She’s lying, plain and simple. For anyone who is truly opposed to defunding the police, this legislation, supported by both Democrats and Republicans, is easy to support.

We all know what is going on here: Christina Finello is fearful of backlash from her far-left donors and supporters whom she desperately needs to raise money for her campaign. In other words, she’s completely owned by the far-left and her self-described “mentor,” Nancy Pelosi.

Christina Finello has made her position abundantly clear to all of the women and men serving us in law enforcement across Bucks and Montgomery Counties: By opposing bipartisan legislation preventing defunding the police, she is in fact supporting defunding the police. There is no other way around it, Christina. So please stop lying to the women and men who keep us safe, stop lying to the press, and stop lying to our constituents. They are much smarter than you give them credit for.