Brian Fitzpatrick is the Clear Winner of Today’s Debate

Doylestown, Pa- It’s clear Brian Fitzpatrick is the winner of today’s debate and the only candidate who can truly represent PA-01 in Congress. His dedication to bipartisanship and results for the community is in stark contrast to Christina Finello’s commitment to political partisanship.

“This debate not only showcased Christina Finello’s inability to understand the issues that our community is facing but also showed her constant partisan political talking points and disrespect for anyone who refuses to blindly support her campaign. When she wasn’t reading pre-typed talking points, which occurred during almost the entire debate, she was dismissing endorsements from organizations and individuals who dedicate their lives to important causes. When asked, Christina Finello even admitted Brian Fitzpatrick is the most bipartisan member of Congress, which says it all about who won this debate,” said campaign spokesperson, Kate Constantini.

Key Takeaways from the First PA-01 General Election Debate

  • Christina Finello admits Brian Fitzpatrick is the most bipartisan member in Congress.
  • ​Christina Finello doesn’t have a plan for our community but instead points fingers and resorts to discredited attacks to benefit her political ambitions.
  • Christina Finello belittles and dismisses the endorsements of those who dedicate their lives to fighting for causes important to our community and our nation only because they support Brian Fitzpatrick.
  • Christina Finello refuses to criticize Democrats while condemning bills they have supported, clearly showing her true partisan agenda.