Former Senator Joe Lieberman Endorses Brian Fitzpatrick

Doylestown, Pa – Former Democratic United States Senator and 2000 Vice Presidential Nominee Joe Lieberman has officially endorsed Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick for reelection for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District. During his time in the Senate, Lieberman chaired the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and like Congressman Fitzpatrick, often found himself working across the aisle to ensure the best possible outcomes for the American people. A recipient of the American Patriot Award, Senator Lieberman admires Congressman Fitzpatrick for being a bridge-builder and problem-solver within Congress.

“I know Brian, he’s a bridge-builder and a problem solver and has been rated as the most bipartisan member of Congress in either party. America needs Brian Fitzpatrick in Congress, particularly at this time of division and partisanship. You don’t find too many Brian Fitzpatricks and when you have one, you should keep him fighting for you,” said former Senator Joe Lieberman.

“Now more than ever it is important to set aside party politics and put our country first. I’m honored to have the support of Senator Lieberman, who has been a model of bipartisanship and independence both in Congress and his work since,” said Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

Find Senator Joe Lieberman’s endorsement below: