Finello Lies Again: Fitzpatrick Beats Finello in Q3, Sets All-Time District Fundraising Record

Doylestown, Pa- It’s been a record-breaking year for Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick. Earlier this year, Congressman Fitzpatrick was ranked the #1 Most Independent Congressman in the entire nation, earning the highest independence score ever recorded in U.S. history by Georgetown University. This has been reflected in his broad and sweeping bipartisan endorsements from Democrat and Republican groups alike.  

Today, Team Fitzpatrick reported that Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick raised $944K during the Q3 90-day period from July 1st through September 30th, setting an all-time district fundraising record. Team Fitzpatrick reported having approximately $1.4M Cash on Hand for the final 30 days of the campaign.  

Christina Finello claimed that she won the Q3 fundraising race. She lied.  Christina Finello further claimed she has been refusing PAC money. She lied. Her FEC filing lists thirty PACs donating over $100K to her campaign.

“It’s no coincidence that in the very same year that Brian Fitzpatrick earned the highest independence score ever recorded in U.S. history, he likewise is setting all-time district fundraising records,” said Fitzpatrick spokeswoman Kate Constantini. “People across our community and our nation are completely embracing Brian’s higher calls for unification, bipartisanship, and problem-solving. Brian believes this to the very core of his being. People see and sense his authenticity, and they are responding to it in a very big way. Team Fitzpatrick is building more momentum every single day. We believe in him.”