Fitzpatrick Once Again Declares Victory in PA-1

Doylestown, PA – Team Fitzpatrick has once again declared victory in Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick released the following statement regarding the results:

“There has been one guiding principle that has motivated me from the very first day that I decided to run for Congress: my firm, unequivocal, and unshakeable belief in bipartisanship and two-party solutions to address the challenges that the good people of our community face each and every day. To the very core of my being, I believe in bringing people together. I’m asking everyone in our community to join us in leading our People’s Movement of bipartisanship and center-forward problem-solving and fighting against the bigotry of hyper-partisanship and extremist ideological purity that is destroying our nation. Our People’s Movement is about building bridges at a time when too many are trying to burn them. Our People’s Movement is about listening more than lecturing, viewing diversity of thought as a strength to be harnessed, not a weakness to be criticized. Our People’s Movement is about building consensus in the center and moving forward to save our nation. Our community, and our nation, need all of us to come together. I’m asking all in our community to join us in this noble, American cause. Because we need to be one community, now more than ever.”